“I don’t need to know all the places that you had to go/You don’t have to see all this life has done to me/” says singer-songwriter Brett Ferguson on his single “Take You Home”, off the upcoming Let Go LP. Let Go will be the second full length release from The Brett Ferguson Band, a group of 7 highly talented musicians hailing from various locations throughout the east coast. The Brett Ferguson Band’s first album, Lost and Found, personifies the sense movement, adventure, and exploration that define the group, both literally and figuratively. 

     The Brett Ferguson Band is constantly on the move, be it playing shows, seeking new adventures, and making good friends along the way. The Brett Ferguson Band has spent the last several years perfecting their sound at legendary NYC venues such as The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, and the Cutting Room. The band has spent the last year working hard in the studio, recording and mixing their Let Go album with the same passion and good spirit that they bring to fans at live shows. Their currently planning a series of shows surround their album release, scheduled to hit the streets in August 2015. The band is immensely excited for the release of Let Go, which has lots of treats in store for the listener. Brett’s songwriting is gripping, beautiful, fun, and unmistakably positive and uplifting. It takes the listener through a roller coaster of emotions that gives you goosebumps and makes you want to dance at the same time. His genuine and effortless vocals are complimented by Lily Narbonne, who provides background vocals and duets throughout the album. 

Let Go features an all star cast of musicians. Drummer Jake Robinson attended the Manhattan School of Music on scholarship and currently teaches at the Music Conservatory of Westchester. Bassist Alex Hayes is endorsed by Warwick basses and La Bella Strings. Saxophonist Paul Jones is one of NYC’s premier up and coming jazz players. Slide guitarist Tory Hanna hosts his own musical festival each year called Massachusetts Hannafest. Pianist Max Marshall is a successful recording artist, active live and on Jazz Hang Records. Violinist Andrew Mayer is a prolific musician and graduate of the London Academy of Music. There performances on Let Go make for a dynamic listening experience.

     Brett’s musical background is equally as storied. Brett is originally from Syracuse, New York, but his musical journey has taken him to many places. Brett started playing bass and writing songs in high school, finding music as a genuine emotional outlet. He spent a few years cultivating his sound and making connections in Boston, and studied music performance at Denison University. Brett relocated to Brooklyn, where he solidified the members of The Brett Ferguson Band. Aside from music, Brett is active in fitness and promotes healthy lifestyles. Brett is a level four CrossFit coach and occasionally does modeling work. 

     The Brett Ferguson Band is defined by their integrity and passion, and fueled by Brett’s ability to engage with and relate to the listener. They offer the listener something that’s increasingly rare in the modern digital age: genuine connection. Brett’s love of music is unmistakable. Brett’s message to the world? “This is what makes me comes alive. I hope that it touches you in some way. If it does, and you feel the urge, pass it on.” 

The Brett Ferguson Band is guaranteed to take you somewhere beautiful.


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