Artist Development

With the dawn of the digital era, major record labels have abandoned their traditional role as incubators of new talent. This is where Electric Giant comes in. Modern, dynamic, tech savvy, and passionate, Electric Giant steers clients towards reaching their full potential through a combination industry practices, A&R and production expertise, consultation, and brand recognition.


By providing sync, licensing, placement, and radio services, Electric Giant's BMI and ASCAP affiliated publishing companies give artists flexibility and control. 


Continental Recording Studio, Electric Giant's professional recording facility, has been providing independent artists access to commercial quality recording, mixing, mastering, and production for over 7 years. Artists on Electric Giant's roster have full access to Continental Recording Studio's facilities, as well as the consultation of their experienced producers, songwriters, and engineers. 

Record Label Services

Aside from it's non-traditional services, Electric Giant provides in-house marketing, publicity, advertising, PR, planning, and executing services surrounding album releases. In an ever-changing music industry, Electric Giant stays lean while sticking to its ethos of being flexible while offering artists custom services based on their desired career path and strengths. 


Electric Giant also provides consultation services to non-label clients regarding all aspects of the music industry, from playing live and licensing songs to brand outreach and social media advertising campaigns.